Why Does Chassis Flex Disc Failure Occur in Your Mercedes

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Mercedes vehicles withstand the test of time. They’re strong, durable, and overall reliable, which is why one might be able to keep a Mercedes for a long time. They also retain their value fairly well. In order to keep your Mercedes in the best condition for the longest period of time possible, it requires ongoing care and maintenance. However, while oil changes alone are a good start for many drivers, over time it’s simply the nature of automobiles in general to incur repairs and replacements.

One such part that commonly needs replacement, in older, automatic transmission Mercedes models especially, is the chassis flex disc. The flex disc is one component in a system of interconnected parts that help your suspension and transmission communicate properly. In this article, we’ll talk a little more about what the chassis flex disc does for your Mercedes, how to recognize the symptoms of failure, and what you can do to prevent and/or fix the issue.

What is a Flex Disc and What Does it Do for Your Car?

The flex discs are a small component that play a very important role in the overall functioning and performance of your Mercedes. They are responsible for joining the driveshaft, transmission, and differential together; a system which ultimately distributes the power to the wheels to make your car “go.” Since they are made of a rubber material, they’re bound to crack or become worn when exposed to the outdoor elements and extreme hot and cold temperatures. Furthermore, they also take a lot of impact from the suspension components as your car hits road imperfections. This can cause them to wear out quicker when under certain road conditions for extended periods of time.

The Common Symptoms of Failure

When not properly maintained, automobiles can become very dangerous to the driver and its passengers. As certain parts begin to deteriorate, it might become unsafe to drive the car. Therefore, it’s critical to take any out-of-the-ordinary symptoms seriously, and make sure to bring your Mercedes to a Mercedes specialist for a thorough diagnosis right away. Here are two of the most common signs of chassis flex disc failure in Mercedes cars:

Vibration Throughout the Car

Since the flex discs connect to the transmission and driveshaft, it’s not uncommon to experience vibration when one or more of them has become damaged or is deteriorating. This could be due to a few other original issues that should also be addressed, so it’s important to have a differential diagnosis performed to rule-out other causes.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

In automatic transmission vehicles, especially in older Mercedes models, it is typical to experience difficulty when shifting gears if the flex discs are compromised. Again, this rough running condition’s source should be determined by a professional.

What You Can Do to Prevent Flex Disc Failure

If you plan for your Mercedes to be around for a long time, the best thing you can do is stay on top of your maintenance procedures. When it comes to maintenance, there are two critical things to keep in mind:

Follow Your Mercedes’ Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Your Mercedes manufacturer comes up with a maintenance plan that is based on statistical evidence compiled from the driving habits of many Mercedes drivers and the typical wear patterns in certain parts of the car. It’s best to adhere to this schedule, but to also consult with a well trained Mercedes specialist about your own unique driving conditions and habits—you might need to perform certain maintenance tasks sooner than recommended by the manufacturer.

Follow-Up on Troubling Symptoms

As we mentioned before, it is essential to bring any concerning signs of car trouble to your Mercedes automotive service as soon as possible. If there is any chance that your car is unsafe to drive or that further damage could occur if you drive it, then you could be not only saving money in repairs down the line, but you’ll spare yourself the stress of an accident.

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