What Does It Mean When Your Mercedes Cranks But Won’t Start?

Starting issues in any car are exhausting, concerning, and downright inconvenient to deal with. Furthermore, many automotive shops become overwhelmed by the array of possible reasons for the starting issue, commonly leading to haphazard, unnecessary repairs and high labor costs. Mercedes vehicles aren’t particularly prone to starting issues over any other vehicle; however, it’s important to know what to expect in your specific Mercedes model. In this article, we’ll go over what the situation entails when your Mercedes engine will crank, but won’t start.

What does the problem look like?

When an engine “cranks,” it is generating power to the engine to begin the ignition process, whereby fuel is injected into the engine and it is ignited. This allows your engine to start turning, allowing the car to move. When you turn your key in the ignition, you expect the car to start, but in this case, the engine will not turn over. When your Mercedes encounters this problem, it can be especially disappointing; Mercedes drivers expect reliability and consistency that the brand promises and suggests to consumers. Unfortunately, this problem may be encountered by anyone, driving any vehicle. With that being said, certain Mercedes models may tend to contain faultily designed parts that commonly lead to starting issues. In order to prevent starting problems in your own Mercedes, it is best to consult with a Mercedes specialist to determine what preventive action must be taken for your specific vehicle.

Other signs that accompany the issue

Usually when you encounter a starting issue in your Mercedes, it won’t simply not start one day; there are often signs that accompany starting issues or warn the driver that the problem is on its way. For instance, if your engine cranks for an extended period of time prior to starting, or you hear odd noises while trying to turn over engine, those are warning signs that you need to have your Mercedes serviced, or at least inspected, right away.

Potential causes of the problem

There are a great variety of reasons why your Mercedes’ engine will crank but not start, and it’s important to make sure your automotive shop takes their time properly diagnosing the problem. Here’s a list of most of the potential causes of the issue:

• Crank position sensor failure
• Ignition module failure
• Faulty ignition switch
• Bad wiring
• Blown fuses
• Worn ignition coil
• Battery death
• Worn out starter
• Bad fuel pump or relay
• Clogged fuel filter
• Timing belt or chain failure or misalignment

As you can see, the list is quite extensive. However, it’s important to keep in mind that when the car will crank but not start, it’s usually related to an ignition issue, a power or electrical issue, a fuel issue, or a timing issue. The best thing you can do for your Mercedes in these cases is to bring your car to a specialist right away for a differential diagnosis. This will help rule out all the possible causes of the problem and narrow it down to one specific region and part to repair or service.

How to diagnose the issue

When you first notice that your car is having starting problems, it’s best to have it towed to the nearest, most trusted Mercedes specialist. First, the technician will want to determine what system of your vehicle the problem arose from. This is determined by a series of steps to isolate the source of the issue. For instance, if your engine sparks as it’s cranked, then the problem is not with the ignition system, which leaves the problem with either the fuel system or timing system.

Usually automotive shops first take the path of least resistance to keep the cost of labor down in case the issue is easily remedied. The best-case scenario is that your car’s onboard computer emits a diagnostic code that is then read by the technician with special equipment, which tells them where the problem is coming from.

How we can help

Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster Engine At BMW Mercedes Service, our expertise is in our name – German vehicles like Mercedes are our passion, and we absolutely take pride in all of our repair and maintenance work. Drivers from all over Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Encino, Studio City, Van Nuys, and Valley Village, CA, have come to rely on our consistent, affordable, and honest services, including accurate diagnosis of issues related to engine starting. If you’d like to schedule a diagnostic procedure at our facility, please call one of our Mercedes experts directly.

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