Maintenance Tips for a Problem-Free Power Steering

Keeping your German import in good working order requires the help of a team of specialists, especially when it comes to the power steering system. The different components of the power steering system require different care throughout the life of your vehicle, and seeing that they get the maintenance and service they require can make the difference between a long-lasting, reliable car and a car that winds up in the junkyard. Here is more information on power steering systems and what you can do to ensure you get the best quality care possible:

General Components of the Power Steering System

As we mentioned before, the power steering system is comprised of several different parts that each require their own type of servicing and maintenance. These components wear out at different intervals, and should be routinely inspected in order to ensure your car performs well for years to come:

  • Hoses
  • Tie rod ends
  • Steering yoke and coupler
  • Power steering pump
  • Rack and pinion

How To Best Maintain Your Power Steering System

Maintaining your power steering system might seem daunting and difficult; however, your vehicle’s manufacturer provides a recommended service plan for your specific car that you should follow for best results. This service plan is best utilized with the help of an automotive specialist with particular knowledge of your car’s mechanics, engineering, and design. Here are a few important tips when it comes to optimally maintaining your power steering system:

Replace Parts as Needed

As time goes on, you’ll need to replace and service the various parts of the power steering system. For instance, pumps and hoses can deteriorate and crack, which can lead to other part failures and power steering fluid leaks. Your maintenance plan will dictate when these parts typically wear out, what specific parts they should be replaced with, and how to care for them going forward.

Keep Power Steering Fluid Clean and Full

Your power steering system utilizes hydraulic power steering fluid that must be kept clean and full at all times. If the fluid becomes contaminated, this can lead to premature wear of system components which can further lead to costly repairs and replacement parts. Eventually your car will need a power steering flush, the timing of which will be determined by your maintenance plan.

Check the Hoses

As we mentioned before, the hoses in the power steering system transport the vital fluid that the system needs to perform smoothly. If the hoses aren’t in good condition, it can lead to problematic symptoms such as fluid leaks. If cracked or damaged at all, the hoses will need to be replaced. You can find information about your car’s power steering hoses in your owner’s manual or by consulting with an automotive specialist.

Have Frequent Inspections Performed

As you can see, the vital parts of the power steering system require ongoing maintenance and care, but the first line of defense is your relationship with your automotive shop. Through ongoing inspections, they will be able to determine what services your car requires, approaching maintenance from a preventive standpoint to save you money in repairs.

Why Hiring a Specialist Is Important

German imports are unique vehicles with specific care requirements and standards; therefore, finding an automotive shop that specializes in the particular type of car you drive will provide you with the matching quality of care that the manufacturer recommends for optimal driving conditions and vehicle longevity. Ultimately, it will save you time, energy, and money, and will keep your car out of the shop for costly repairs over the lifetime of the vehicle.

What We Can Do for You

Here at BMW Mercedes Service, our German import specialists have Car at High Speed a narrow focus in Mini Coopers, BMWs, and Mercedes-Benz cars in order to provide the most accurate, top-quality care possible to our clients. For drivers in the areas of Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Encino, Studio City, Van Nuys, and Valley Village, CA, we offer better-than-dealership quality repairs and services without the hefty price tag. If you’d like to get a better handle on your power steering, please don’t hesitate to call us for a specialized care plan. It is our mission to ensure your safety and enjoyment in your vehicle for years to come.

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