How to Maintain Engine Efficiency in a BMW

Automotive care isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us; in fact, it might be the one thing in our lives that we prolong or procrastinate on. It feels good, doesn’t it? At least, that’s until something drastically goes wrong with our vehicles. Owning and maintaining a BMW is not much different than any other vehicle, with the exception that it requires care and attention from specialists who are most familiar with the brand’s design and engineering. Maintaining your BMW’s engine efficiency must be moved to somewhere near the top of your list of priorities in life, only if you want the car to perform its best and hold its value for an extended period of time. The common ways of maintaining engine performance are as follows:

Stay on top of oil changes

Many drivers underestimate the importance of routine oil changes. While cars are becoming less and less needy in this area, oil changes are simply a part of ongoing vehicle care. Your engine oil is what keeps the vital components lubricated. When oil becomes dirty or contaminated with dust or debris it can take a serious toll on those engine parts, leaving your BMW performing sub-par, to say the least. Simply staying on top of oil changes can make all the different in your engine’s efficiency.

Attend to other fluids routinely

Beyond just engine oil, there are other fluids that your BMW relies upon in order to maintain engine efficiency. The transmission fluid and coolant are two of the most essential fluids that must be consistently maintained and inspected to avoid catastrophic damages or engine failure. Inspecting, filing, and flushing these fluids might be necessary for ongoing optimal care.

Change filters

Your BMW, and all other vehicles for that matter, utilize filters in the various systems that keep your engine running clean. The air filter, for instance, keeps dirt and debris from contaminating your engine parts. Other filters, including the fuel filter and oil filter must be kept clean at all times, and replaced when necessary. The rate at which these filters need attention will vary depending on the conditions you typically drive in and how much use you get out of your BMW car.

Don’t put off concerning signs or symptoms

When your BMW exhibits signs or symptoms of damage or malfunction, it is critical that the problems are addressed immediately. If you notice any illuminated dash lights, engine misfiring, or other concerning issues, it is likely that the longer the problem goes undiagnosed and untreated the more damage your engine will incur, therefore driving up your repair costs by the minute. It’s best to bring your BMW to a quality specialist shop at least for an inspection.

Schedule regular tune-ups and inspections

The most critical preventive factor in ongoing BMW engine maintenance is your frequency of scheduled inspections and tune-ups. The more your BMW’s engine is inspected and maintained in general, the more opportunity there is to prevent problems from arising in performance. By keeping regular appointments, you can: save money in repairs; cut way back on the inconveniences associated with engine failure; and save yourself the hassle of long stints without a car.

Follow your manufacturer-recommended maintenance plan

All of the aforementioned tasks and procedures can be maintained by following your BMW’s recommended schedule of maintenance designated by the manufacturer. Every vehicle comes with its own specifications for ongoing care (i.e. when certain parts should ideally be inspected, replaced, or serviced). By following this plan, you can avoid costly issues before they occur and maintain engine efficiency for the life of your vehicle. It’s best to work with your individual BMW specialist to find a routine that fits your driving habits and specific needs so that you can reasonably stay on top of scheduled procedures.

How we can help

The BMW experts here at BMW Mercedes Service help BMW M2 2016 Engine a diverse group of clients from the areas of Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Encino, Studio City, Van Nuys, and Valley Village, CA maintain their cars for optimal performance. With an extensive background in German engineering and repair, we are familiar with the common issues that BMW drivers experience and know how to properly diagnose and treat them. When it comes to maintaining your BMW’s engine efficiency, we are the leading dealership alternative in the area with specialized expertise. If you would like to get a handle on your BMW’s maintenance schedule, please call our shop to speak with an expert.

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