How to Deal with a Faulty Fuel Gauge in a MINI

The fuel gauge in any car plays an essential yet often overlooked role. Your fuel gauge is what lets you know whether or not you’ll be able to make it safely to your destination with the proper amount of fuel. MINI drivers get exceptional gas mileage, but even with this fantastic perk it’s still important to keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Fuel gauges in MINI cars are prone to malfunctioning, so it’s important to remain aware of how this issue may affect you and your own MINI car. In this article we’ll go over what you can expect when your fuel gauge begins failing and what to do about it.

A working fuel gauge is essential

As we said before, MINI cars have excellent fuel efficiency, which promotes the tendency to ignore the fuel gauge and its functioning. The fuel gauge in any car has the sole purpose of letting the driver know when it’s time to re-fuel; however, if the fuel gauge malfunctions or begins to fail, it can cause serious problems. For instance, if you’re on a road trip and the fuel gauge isn’t giving accurate information, you may wind up stranded on the roadside in unknown territory. Therefore, making sure your fuel gauge is working properly at all times is yet another important part of auto maintenance.

What to look for in a failed fuel gauge

Keeping an eye on your fuel gauge is simply good practice as a diligent driver; it lets you know when you need to fill your tank, when you’re running on fumes, and how quickly you’re burning gas. Noticing the symptoms of a failed fuel gauge is the first step toward remedying the problem. This is what the problem might look like:

The fuel gauge is unpredictable

If you notice that the fuel gauge is behaving unpredictably, such as a runaway fuel gauge needle moving from full to empty rapidly, then it should be checked out right away. If you’re not paying close attention, this could be detrimental to the driver.

The fuel gauge needle doesn’t move

Another common sign that the fuel gauge itself or another component has failed is a fuel gauge that doesn’t move. If the needle is stuck at the full or empty position, then the problem needs to be addressed right away so you can be provided with accurate information while driving.

What might contribute to fuel gauge failure?

The fuel gauge is able to perform its job with the help of the fuel system and various electrical parts. Therefore when the fuel gauge begins experiencing problems it’s likely that the issue can be traced back to one of those components. Here are the most common issues related to fuel gauge failure:

Fuse failure

Fuses are important for your fuel gauge’s functioning as well as other components that utilize electrical current. Luckily, they’re usually simple to replace, and cost-effective.

Voltage issue

To determine whether or not your fuel gauge is utilizing the correct voltage to carry out its task, your MINI specialist will use special equipment to detect the level of electrical current. If the proper electrical current is not present, usually the problem is electrically related. If the voltage tests at the proper amperes, then the fuel gauge itself may need replacing.

Failing wiring

Wiring plays an integral role in your car’s functioning throughout many different systems and components. Wiring is often difficult to inspect for faults and flaws, as it is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, it is highly possible that your failing fuel gauge is due to damaged, worn, or failing wiring.

Fuel gauge sending

The fuel gauge sending unit, in collaboration with a few other components like fuel sensors, figures out how much fuel is in the tank and helps adjust the fuel gauge to properly represent the amount of fuel in the tank. If there’s something going on with the sending unit, the gauge will read inaccurately.

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