How Mass Airflow Sensor Failure Affects Your Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster Engine

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are highly sought after by drivers all over the world. Their impeccable design and engineering allows for some of the highest performance standards in the automotive industry today. That’s why when your Mercedes begins to malfunction it can be highly upsetting. The best avenue for protecting your Mercedes against failing parts and serious repairs is through ongoing maintenance. However, despite our best efforts, sometimes issues still occur. One common issue that Mercedes drivers tend to experience over time is mass airflow sensor failure. If you’re not sure what a mass airflow (MAF) sensor is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In a moment we’ll go over the basics of MAF sensor failure.

Among certain Mercedes models, MAF sensor problems are not uncommon. The MAF sensor holds an important position in your engine’s overall performance, and not all cars have the same MAF components; therefore, it’s critical to find a skilled, knowledgeable expert automotive shop that specializes in Mercedes-Benz cars. In this article, we’ll talk about what the MAF sensor does for your Mercedes, the effects its failure can have on your car, and what you can do moving forward to prevent such issues from occurring.

What does the mass airflow sensor do for your Mercedes?

The MAF sensor is essential to your engine’s functioning. It is ultimately responsible for detecting and assessing the proper air-to-fuel ratio the engine requires for proper ignition or combustion. Working with the on-board computer in your Benz, it measures the rate of the airflow going through your engine and communicates the information back to the car’s computer. Then, the computer calculates the appropriate amount of fuel to be injected into the engine for proper combustion. If the MAF sensor isn’t working well, you will certainly notice changes in your Mercedes’ performance. Furthermore, the longer the issue persists, the more damage can be done.

Failing MAF sensor effects on your Mercedes

Since MAF sensors play a huge part in ignition and combustion processes, it’s proper functioning is critical for sustained optimal performance in your Benz. If you begin noticing any of the below-mentioned symptoms in your Mercedes, there’s a good chance it’s related to MAF sensor failure. Your Mercedes specialist should perform a thorough differential diagnosis to rule-out other potential causes. These are the most common effects that MAF sensor failure has on your Mercedes’ functioning:

Starting Problems

Problems starting a car’s engine are the last thing we ever wish to encounter—especially at the crack of dawn on a frosty morning when you should be on yourway to work. MAF sensor failure contributes to starting issues when it cannot detect the right amount of air and fuel the engine needs to ignite.

Rough Idling

Many drivers tend to zone out while their car idles in the driveway, at a red light, or in a parking spot. However, it’s just as important to pay attention to how your car drives as how it simply “sits.” If you begin to notice that your car is vibrating intensely or idling roughly, something could be wrong with the MAF sensor.

Diminished Power

Experiencing diminished power upon acceleration is another common sign that the MAF sensor cannot properly detect the right ratio of fuel-to-air for your engine’s functioning.

Engine Stalling

Soon after igniting, it is common for Mercedes drivers to experience stalling when the engine can’t get enough fuel. If you notice engine stalling or your check-engine light illuminated, it’s critical to have the problem checked out by a Mercedes specialist right away.

Lower Fuel Economy

A faulty or failing mass airflow sensor can also significantly diminish fuel economy in your Benz. This can be costly and inconvenient, but it indicates that there’s something not quite right. Monitoring your fuel economy is important in order to catch such problems early on.

Red Mercedes on Road

What you can do to prevent MAF sensor issues in your Mercedes

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