Van Nuys

With the busiest general aviation airport in the world, Van Nuys Airport, in town it’s safe to assume that traffic is going to be a part of any drive. Add to that the fact that Van Nuys also features numerous parks, shopping centers and schools making it a popular destination for residents and adding to the already high volume of cars all across the streets. Whether you’re traveling out of town on the always-crowded 405 freeway or you’re trying to get across town you’re constantly adding miles and wear and tear to your vehicle. Fortunately for drivers throughout Van Nuys the expert mechanics at BMW Mercedes Service have been helping maintain the most popular European brands for years.

Specializing in Popular Brands

At BMW Mercedes Service we focus on servicing the area’s most popular makes and models:

Our state of the art shop features the latest tools and equipment that allows us to offer dealership quality services completely in-house. With less overhead costs than the dealerships we’re able to provide faster, more affordable services for your vehicle.

Handling The Latest Services

As technology improves your vehicle becomes more complicated and requires advanced services to maintain peak performance. At BMW Mercedes Service we handle all vital maintenance and service items for your car including:

We know you need your car on a daily basis and we’re committed to bringing you the fastest, most affordable service possible and offer same-day services whenever we can.

Visit Us Today

Trying to navigate one of the busiest cities in SoCal can put quite the strain on your car; fortunately BMW Mercedes Service has been Van Nuys’ go-to auto shop for years. If you’re due for a service appointment or would like to speak with one of our experts regarding emergency repairs or additional services please call or visit us today.