Valley Village

Less than 3-square miles long, Valley Village, CA has an average of over 11,500 residents per square mile meaning the streets, businesses and neighborhoods are packed. Multiple schools, parks and tourist attractions such as “Marilyn Monroe’s house” all help to ensure that your car is likely going to see extra strain, miles and more than a few dings and dents along the way. Instead of taking your car to the dealerships for service however see why so many residents throughout Valley Village prefer the expert mechanics at BMW Mercedes Service.

Brands We Service

At BMW Mercedes Service we handle the full service and maintenance requirements of three of Valley Village’s most popular European cars:

By offering highly specialized vehicle services we’re able to handle everything in-house resulting in faster, more affordable service for your car without sacrificing quality.

Our Available Services

We currently offer a wide array of services for your car including:

Our shop features the latest tools and equipment available from the manufacturer to further ensure the highest quality service for your car.

Visit Our Shop Today

If you’re in the Valley Village area and you’re used to expensive trips to the dealership and headaches like multiple trips across town and repeat visits then call BMW Mercedes Service today. Our technicians have years of experience working with European-made vehicles and our friendly staff will make sure that your car looks and feels like new with each visit.