Named from the classic hero himself, Tarzana trades the jungles for a diverse, wide-ranging city inside the San Fernando Valley. Though it’s less than 10 square miles the city does feature multiple city parks and one of the highest percentages of bachelor’s and master’s degree holders. With such a high standard throughout the community it makes sense that along the streets you see well-maintained European cars. Residents expect the best and drivers should too when it comes to their vehicle’s maintenance and service. Fortunately Tarzana residents have been relying on the experts at BMW Mercedes Service to keep their car in perfect condition for years.

European Specialists Since Day One

At BMW Mercedes Service we specialize in the service and repair work of popular European brands:

Our certified technicians have decades of experience working with each make and model and will help make it easier and more convenient than ever to get the most out of your car.

Cutting-Edge Services

We strive to be a better shop alternative to the dealerships and we do that by focusing on the quality of service we provide. Using the latest tools and equipment available we handle a wide range of services including:

All of our services and repairs are handled in-house in order to provide you with the best, most affordable service in the area.

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Tarzana may be a smaller city than other parts of San Fernando Valley but residents and drivers alike expect high quality. For vehicle maintenance call BMW Mercedes Service today and see why so many drivers throughout the area choose our mechanics over the dealerships.