Studio City

A historic part of the San Fernando Valley, Studio City, CA is home to CBS Studio Center, multiple city parks, the LA River Walk and over a dozen public and private schools to choose from. The high volume of traffic throughout the city and the constant stop and go can lead to accelerated wear and tear on your car unless you follow the proper service schedules. However with dealerships costing more with each and every visit finding an affordable independent shop is just as important as the maintenance work. Fortunately BMW Mercedes Service has been helping drivers throughout Studio City get the quality auto services they need for years.

Highly Specialized Services

At BMW Mercedes Service we focus on three of the most popular European-made vehicles available:

These brands are all well known for offering superior comforts and performance and for requiring diligent services to maintain those features. Our technicians have decades of experience working with these manufacturers and our state of the art shop features the latest tools and equipment for the job.

Affordable Services for Your Car

BMW Mercedes Service handles all of our work in-house, which means that without the overhead of a dealership you receive the highest quality service possible at more affordable prices. Our current vehicle services include:

Our trained and certified mechanics understand that your car requires unique services and that’s why we work closely with you to design a custom-made service plan for your make and model.

Helping the Neighborhood for Years

If you’re in Studio City or the nearby areas and you’re tired of settling for overpriced vehicle maintenance then call the experts at BMW Mercedes Service today. Constant traffic can wreak havoc on your car if you’re not prepared but our technicians will have your car looking and feeling like new each time you get behind the wheel.