Check Engine Light

Driving a European car should mean exceptional performance, comfort and safety features whether you’re taking a short drive to the store or a long weekend getaway. However nothing can ruin your car’s performance and well being faster than the check engine light. While your check engine light can alert you to an issue in the vehicle it’s important to find a mechanic that can accurately diagnosis just what the issue is. At BMW Mercedes Service we help drivers throughout Sherman Oaks find and repair issues related to the check engine light faster and less expensive than the dealership and have provided superior customer service for years.

Specialists for Your Vehicle

At BMW Mercedes Service we specialize in three of the area’s most popular vehicles:

By focusing on these three manufacturers we are able to fill our state of the art facility with the latest tools and equipment for each make and can provide drivers with the most comprehensive services possible completely in-house.

Finding the Right Problem

One of the biggest hassles of the check engine light is that it can be caused by almost anything. Some common causes include:

  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Failing O2 sensor
  • Loose/broken gas cap
  • Loose/failing spark plugs
  • Low oil pressure

Our team of certified and experienced mechanics starts each visit with a thorough diagnostic inspection to accurately find the cause. Instead of being forced to make repeat visits to the dealership to find the problem our technicians will get the problem fixed the first time.

Turn the Light Out

Located conveniently in Sherman Oaks, CA BMW Mercedes Service is also happy to help drivers from surrounding cities including:

If you’re experiencing performance issues with your car or to schedule a service appointment with one of our expert technicians please call us today.