Unmatched European Auto Service & Repair in Beverly Hills Since 1973!

Beverly Hills is much more than just one of the most recognizable zip codes in the world. When you hear about the 90210 your mind immediately jumps to the fancy restaurants, luxurious shopping malls and businesses and beautiful cars lining each and every street. To most drivers in the area nothing beats a well-maintained European vehicle but finding quality services in town can be difficult and extremely costly.

At BMW Mercedes Service however drivers throughout Beverly Hills can rest assured that their car will receive the proper maintenance and repair work when they need it without endless repeat visits and frustrations.

Luxury is Our Specialty

At BMW Mercedes Service we specialize in the maintenance and repair work of the most popular luxury makes and models:

By emphasizing on these manufacturers and their numerous models we are able to provide the best and most complete services outside of going directly to the dealerships. We handle all major services and repairs including:

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

To provide exceptional services BMW Mercedes Service features numerous amenities designed to help your visit be more memorable and further ensure that your car receives the highest quality maintenance including:

  • Extended warranty services
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Original factory diagnostic tools and equipment for more accurate service

If you’re in Beverly Hills or the surrounding area and want a quality shop that you can trust, see why so many drivers have preferred BMW Mercedes Service for over 40 years. Call us today to schedule your car’s next service appointment.